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Type Title of paper/publication Name of Conference/Journal Link to Conference and (open) access Link to Manuscript
 AMANDA: An Autonomous Self-Powered Miniaturized Smart Sensing Embedded System International Conference of Consumer Electronics in Berlin - ICCE-Berlin 2019
"Low Power LoRaWAN node based on FRAM Microcontroller"

IEEE IDAACS-SWS 2020 conference,

17-18 September 2020


"Low Light Energy Autonomous LoRaWAN Node" IEEE IDAACS-SWS 2020 conference, Dortmund,
17-18 September 2020 
Powering Sigfox Nodes with Harvested Energy

Embedded World Conference 2020,

Nuremberg, 26 February 2020

Conference publication  A low-power fire monitoring and detection system on embedded systems using a Multilayer perceptron 

 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium 2021 (SAS 2021),

Online, 23-25 August 2021  

Conference publication An Encryption Scheme using Dynamic Keys and
Stream Ciphers for Embedded Devices

10th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT(CPS&IoT 2022)

Budva, Montenegro, 07-10 June 2022 

 Conference publication
Using New Memory Technologies to Reduce the Energy Requirements of LPWAN Nodes
Embedded World 2022  
Conference publication Miniaturized electrochemical gas sensors for monitoring O2 and CO2 MicroNano Conference, 01-02 November 2022 
Journal publication  Facilely Fabricated Single-Use Impedimetric Carbon Dioxide Sensor Employing a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL)/Polymer Gel  Journal of the American Chemical Society  (Submitted in September 2022)    
Journal publication  Water quality sensors network - from transducer technology to environmental application   IEEE Internet of Things Journal (Submitted in September 2022)    
 Journal publication An Ultra-Low-Power Embedded AI Fire Detection and Crowd Counting System for User Alertness   ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems    
Journal publication Energy Autonomous Wireless Sensing Node Working at 5 lux

Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications