IoT conference in Lausanne

Tech talk at IoT conference  in Lausanne.


Prof. Dr. Marcel Meli (of the Amanda Consortium) was one of the speakers at the Tech Talk Event of 28th May 2019, organised by the CSEM in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The theme of his presentation was: "IoT Everywhere? Energy Harvesting for Future IoT Nodes".

Marcel Meli introduced the issues associated with powering IoT nodes using batteries and the importance of energy harvesting as in the case of Amanda.

He then proceeded to explain how energy harvesting could be used in appropriate cases, illustrating that with interesting examples based on the use of photovoltaic and TEG harvesters.

The Amanda project figured in the presentation as an example of a future innovative low-power mobile or stationary IoT platform, powered by small and efficient solar cells.

There were also examples on how the ZHAW research group uses air/tree or air/soil environments to provide energy (nearly) everywhere for IoT nodes.


Click on the link below to download the presentation "IoT Everywhere Energy Harvesting for Future IoT Nodes".


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