AMANDA in 5E Digital Showcase

With the beginning of May 2020, the Consortium applied AMANDA ASSC in 5E Digital Showcase

and now it`s one step closer to become the next Electronics innovator. The Digital Showcase (EU funded H2020 project 5E) is an online platform which aims to increase the visibility of innovative European electronics products, in particular products whose innovative character builds on Nano-Electronics, Flexible & Wearable Electronics and Electronic Smart Systems.

AMANDA in 5E Digital Showcase is creating new opportunities in term of visibility, promotion, networking to European actors, from industry and academia to advanced technologies.

Registration of AMANDA ASSC to the 5E Digital Showcase opened the door to the 5E contest, and its award ceremony, that will take place during a significant event on Electronics in Europe.

Further communication material will also be shared at the digital showcase, and for more information, please visit 5E project website.