The first video presenting the AMANDA project has been published


In late June, the AMANDA consortium released the first video of the project, i.e. five video animations presenting defined use cases and operational scenarios of AMANDA Autonomous Smart Sensing Card (ASSC).

The AMANDA project is a research project supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation, which started in January 2019 with a duration of 36 months. Now AMANDA project is in the second year of implementation, which is the crucial commercialisation phase, so the aim of creating the first video is to help achieve goals of the project, to explain benefits for stakeholders, and impact to society in general. The projects often have compelling stories to tell. But reaching out to a broad non-specialist audience is not always an easy task. Therefore, a maximum two-minute video per each use case explaining technology, components of the AMANDA ASSC and selected operational scenarios is an additional communication channel to establish cooperative relationships with potential industrial partners.

Check out AMANDA project YouTube channel and published videos at the following links:

UC1 Environmental room sensing for automated room control and safety

UC2  Multisensory indoor/outdoor parking slot occupancy monitoring

UC3  Infrastructure, noise, weather and air quality monitoring station

UC4  Identification and health of people in a working environment

UC5 Assets and goods tracking and monitoring