Join Microdul at COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum 2020

We`re inviting you to join Microdul on Wednesday, November 18 at the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum 2020 by IVAM and listen to Roland Steger and Dr Philip J Poole who will be giving a virtual talk on „Saving Power for Wearables using Microdul Sensor Technology“.

They will also present the AMANDA project and its technology, and therefore if you are interested in attending this year’s virtual forum, you can register free of charge at the following link

All presentation sessions will be held in a webinar/meeting format via ZOOM, hosted by IVAM. Microdul presentation can be found in session „Smart Sensor Solution“ and will start at 11:30 on November 18.

The four-day (November 16-19) virtual COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum offers insight into research and development of the exhibited processes and products, explains technology trends and provides information on relevant foreign markets for medical technology. The forum’s main sessions will be: NRW-Japan seminar, printed diagnostics and 3D printing, laser and photonics applications / EPIC Tech Watch, fight against Coronavirus, smart sensor solutions, microprecision, manufacturing and processing, equipment manufacturer meets component manufacturer, microfluidics session: miniaturization in the life sciences – from hype to reality. More information about this virtual event, including the program for all four-days, can be found at the following link: