IVAM Hightech Summit 2021

The IVAM Hightech Summit took place as a virtual event on 25th and 26th August 2021, and it was an exceptional industry meeting of the international microtechnology scene showing trends and future markets.

International experts from micro and nanotechnology come together once a year and present the latest developments, products and discuss the challenges of digitalization, which has been the essential theme of the conference in recent years.

This year, Dr Philip J. Poole from Microdul AG gave the talk and impressive presentation “Human Body Detection & Temperature Monitoring – Saving Wearable System Power” on Wednesday, 25th August. Dr Philip J. Poole provided insight into the benefits of advanced and customized microelectronics that Microdul produces. Their expertise covers all process steps from development to engineering to production and test of custom applications. During this talk, the AMANDA project was presented and possible applications – use cases, that could significantly impact building automation, smart cities, smart agriculture, wearables, industrial IoT, health and human body condition monitoring. In the AMANDA project, Microdul developed a human body detector – an ultra-low-power capacitive sensor, but it does not just detect the body, now it can be used to wake up the system, which is necessary to keep the power low. For project purposes, Microdul also developed an ultra-low-power temperature sensor with zero standby current. The entire presentation is available on the IVAM Microtechnology Network official youtube channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmxpnAGBoaI.

The event was focused on microtechnology, with different sessions on two days on topics such as microfluidics, medical technology, wearables or organic electronics. Topics like optics/photonics or the area of ​​robotics or artificial intelligence, e.g. for smart homes or the automotive industry, were also discussed.