2nd AMANDA Webinar

On Tuesday, 7 December 2021, the second webinar out of the series of webinars called “AMANDA – Autonomous Smart Sensing Card (ASSC)” was successfully held.

The webinar was opened with an introductory speech and welcome by Dr Charis Kouzinopoulos (CERTH), who explained the AMANDA concept and our motivation, showed main hardware and software components and wireless communication capabilities of the ASSC. In the presentation that followed, Dr Denis Pasero (ILIKA) showcased the three use cases identified in the AMANDA project and six scenarios that make optimal use of all the functionalities from the AMANDA card in its three versions – indoor, outdoor and wearable. The central part of the webinar was dedicated to the presentations of Dr Martin Schellenberg (MICRODUL AG) and Dr Julien Campos (LIGHTRICITY). Dr Martin Schellenberg (MICRODUL AG) focused on the successful development of ultra-low-power temperature sensor and thermal comfort monitoring scenario where the MS1089 temperature sensor plays a crucial role. Dr Julien Campos (LIGHTRICITY) presented the last topic - Photovoltaic energy harvester component for miniature IoT devices, i.e. sustainable, environmentally friendly component and system that eliminate the need for battery replacements.

For all who were not able to attend the 2nd AMANDA webinar, the recording is available at the following link:


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