Insights from the 7th Plenary Meeting

The AMANDA project reached month 39, and on 21 March 2022, all members of the Consortium gathered online, and the 7th Plenary Meeting was held. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current status of project activities by individual work package, as well as the results and comments from the 3rd Review Meeting held on 27 January 2022.

At the Review Meeting, the Consortium presented results and highlights of the project during the period from M19 to M36, as well as delineated future plans to the project officer and experts. We are pleased that the conclusions from the Review Meeting were positive because the project has achieved most of its objectives and milestones for the given period and certainly will provide results with significant impact in the last reporting period. All partners worked hard to complete the development of key components, integrate results, so the miniaturised ASSC (Autonomous Smart Sensing Card) could be delivered in time. The Project Officer and experts welcomed the mitigation measures applied and efforts deployed by the Consortium to overcome the impact of the pandemic on the activities of the project, especially on delays in the manufacturing process. In addition, there was a demonstration session on AMANDA 1st size-unconstrained prototype and its components, as well as use cases and scenarios implementation.

The Plenary Meeting also aimed at preparing the next steps of the project, particularly the progress of the miniaturised prototype integration, software implementation and optimisation, prototypes’ assembly, interconnection, encapsulation and packaging, and well as validation and evaluation of the AMANDA card.

After completing the successful review and Plenary Meeting, AMANDA ends this month with a lot of enthusiasm and anticipation for the upcoming period, i.e. final months of the project. Also, we hope that after two consecutive pandemic years, the last Plenary Meeting will be held on-site.