3rd AMANDA Webinar - Continuous Occupancy Monitoring in a Parking Lot

The third episode of our AMANDA webinar series was held on Tuesday, 19 April 2022, focusing on applying the Autonomous Smart Sensing Card to detect vehicles and continuous occupancy monitoring in the parking area.

This free webinar provided an overview of AMANDA activities, main hardware and software components, as well as showcased the use cases and scenarios that make optimal use of all the functionalities of the AMANDA card in its three versions – indoor, outdoor and wearable. The central part of the webinar was dedicated to custom AI methods for low power systems and the application of the AMANDA card for continuous occupancy monitoring in a parking lot.

If you missed the 3rd AMANDA webinar, we are pleased to provide you with a recording that is available at the following link:


Furthermore, in the coming months, we are preparing training sessions to demonstrate live the application and use of the AMANDA card and the functionalities of the developed software. If you are interested in one-to-one training sessions, please get in touch with us to arrange a meeting that could be held on-site or remotely. Please do not hesitate to interact with us for any questions or queries!