New Electronics: A sensing solution for smart cities

"A sensing solution for smart cities." It is an article on the AMANDA project published in the May 5 issue of New Electronics, the electronic industry's leading magazine and a central hub for design engineers and design management.

The AMANDA project develops an Autonomous Smart Sensing Card (ASSC) with the exact dimensions of a credit card and a height of only 3mm. The ASSC's compact size, self-sustainability and a wide variety of sensors allow it to be used in many different environments and applications, and its integrated intelligence provides the flexibility to adapt it to new requirements. It can easily be used for tagging people or assets, which would have been especially useful during the COVID pandemic to keep track of equipment, assist in social distancing, track patients and even monitor the environmental conditions in which medicines are stored. It also has all the features necessary to be quickly integrated into room sensing systems for automated control and safety.

The 8 partners will continue to work together for the remainder of the project to deliver a final device that conforms to the specified form factor. Once the project is finalised, a fully autonomous and miniaturised sensing platform will be developed which will contain state-of-the-art sensors, local data processing capability and wireless connectivity. The ASSC will be able to fit in your pocket for wearable applications but can also be installed in a building or outdoor applications. By installing custom developed firmware, the platform can be easily adjusted to suit a wide variety of applications.

Check out the whole article in New Electronics and find out how the Autonomous Smart Sensing Card could impact the world we live in.